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Premier, organic, raw superfood skincare
inspired by exclusive botanicals of world's purest ecosystems

We at Body Bazaar like to call ourselves SUPERACTIVES hunters. We search the most remote parts of the globe for the purest, most powerful plants that later become the basis for our products. Whether it is SIBERIAN PINE growing in extreme weather conditions, SEABUCKTOHORN BERRY sprouting in the high altitude of Tibet’s pristine mountains, or ACAI BERRY that calls the Amazonian Rainforests home, despite their diverse appearances and origins, all the ingredients we track down are unified by their ability to transform your skin as result of their wealth of bioactive nutrients.

We exclusively formulate our products utilizing high performing botanicals, that are never heated, refined or undergo any chemical alteration. Developed with utmost care, rich in actives, ALL NATURAL, 100% synthetic free, fully biodegradable and responsible, our skincare line is sure to deliver unparalleled results leaving your skin fortified, energized and ready to resist harsh urban environments we live in.

Let your skin receive a ‘breath’ of fresh superfood skincare and it will sure respond back with glow, health and beauty!

Unique in every way

To add to our holistic approach to skincare, we have chosen to use only full spectrum extracts.
We exclusively use raw, unrefined ingredients as they are richer in nutrients.
The reputation of “all natural” beauty products has been soiled for quite some time now

Discover our signature ingredients

Cocoa Bioferment discover the power of probiotics for your slin
Green Coffee explore benefits of the unique collagen and elastin booster

Discover our all natural,
Lush & Creamy Complexion Soap Bars